Asbestos Artex Removal (Textured Coating) Cost Guide for 2024

What’s included in the cost and what you would expect to pay for the removal of asbestos Artex (Textured Coating)

In this article you will find everything you need to know about the cost and what you would expect to pay for the removal of asbestos in Artex (Textured Coatings).

What is asbestos Artex?

asbestos artex removal costArtex is actually a trade name. It is like calling a tissue a “Kleenex”. It’s using the brand name to describe the product. The actual product is asbestos textured or decorative coating. Asbestos textured or decorative coating starts in a dry powdered format and has asbestos fibres mixed with a plaster type bonding material. Water is added and the now wet plaster like substance is applied to the desired surface. This then dries to create a textured decorative finish. This is known as textured coating or decorative coating.

One of the most famous brand names of textured decorative surface coating is Artex. This does not mean every textured coating is the brand Artex. It’s just what we all tend to call it.

asbestos fibreWhen it comes to the removal of asbestos Artex the most important thing is what surface the Artex has been applied to. Asbestos Artex can be found in many different locations. These range from ceilings and walls to structural beams and concrete. For an in depth look at asbestos Artex read this useful article

The main surfaces of the application which need to be considered are plasterboard, plaster, and concrete. Each one of these asbestos Artex applied surfaces influences the removal cost. This is due to the different approach that is required.

This is a guide and is designed to give you an idea of cost. Once you have looked at the guide and feel that the asbestos Artex removal will be within your budget you will need to speak to a member of the team to give you a fixed price quotation. This quotation will be based on all the details specific to your project.

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Each of the following costs for removal of asbestos Artex are determined by many factors. Below you will find detailed information which will help you understand what cost is relevant to you and why.

Before you view the pricing, structure here is some basic information which will help you in understanding the costs surrounding the removal of asbestos Artex.

When was asbestos Artex (Textured Coatings) used?

Asbestos in many forms has been used in buildings since circa 1900. Asbestos Artex (Textured Coatings) usage was well under way in the 1970’s and 1980’s especially between 1976 and continued heavily until 1984. There was then gradual decline up until its eventual prohibition in 1992. The full asbestos ban did not come into effect until the end of 1999.

If your building was built before 1992 then there is a probability that your Artex will or may have contained asbestos fibres.

Do I need an asbestos survey?

It is not possible to visually identify Artex (textured coatings) as containing asbestos material. As a minimum the product in question needs to be tested. This would be in the form of specific sampling and not a full asbestos survey. However, if you have other suspected asbestos fibres and materials or a project which involves more than the Artex then you may need a full asbestos survey. This allows the asbestos removal contractor to prepare the required risk assessments to ensure safe removal of the asbestos materials.

Does the type of surface the asbestos Artex is applied to matter?

Yes. The surface to which the asbestos Artex is applied will determine the way in which it can be safely removed and that in turn will affect the cost. For the purposes of this artex removal cost guide, we have concentrated on the three main surfaces that you will find asbestos Artex has been applied to.

Asbestos Artex to Plasterboard:

This surface is the easiest and most cost-effective when it comes to asbestos Artex removal. The main asbestos removal technique is to remove the plasterboard in full with the asbestos Artex still attached. Although the asbestos removal cost is lower it will leave you with a surface that will require replacing or reboarding.

Asbestos Artex to Plaster Finish:

This surface is usually a plaster skim to brick or concrete which has then had the Artex applied. The asbestos removal technique is to remove the plaster surface in full back to the original substrate. This is undertaken using hand and mechanical tools. It’s a messy and time-consuming procedure. On completion you will be left with a surface that may require replastering.

Asbestos Artex to Concrete:

This surface is usually in communal or external areas such as stairwells. It is generally the finished concrete of the original construction. Asbestos Artex would have been applied for decorative purposes. The asbestos removal technique is removing the asbestos Artex with minimal damage to the concrete surface. There are two ways in which this is completed. One is through the application of steam which gently removes the asbestos Artex along with hand scraping. The other is through chemical gel application which when left to soak allows the asbestos Artex to be scraped away. Both ways are messy and time-consuming procedures. On completion you will be left with a surface that may require painting or similar.

Are there things that could affect price when removing asbestos Artex?

Yes. As well as the actual removal and disposal of asbestos Artex there is all the setting up to consider. All these things have an impact on the cost of the removal and disposal. In our pricing section we have assumed that all the following will need to be included within the cost. However, these may differ from site to site. Any variation on any of these items may affect the cost rates which have been detailed in this guide. The following are a selection of the main things to consider which may influence the price you pay.

Electric and Water

To enable the Artex removal to take place the contractor will need an adequate supply of electric and water for the duration of the project. Some sites require external power and water supplies through generators and water bowsers.


The contractor will require sufficient on-site welfare facilities for the duration of the project. Although these can be found at many sites it is sometimes easier and safer for the asbestos removal contractor to provide their own.

Enclosed Work Area

Although the removal of asbestos in Artex is not a licensed activity it is recommended that an enclosed work environment is constructed for safety. This is a controlled and enclosed area that prevents the spread of the asbestos fibres. In some cases this will also involve mechanical air extraction. The details of the work area will be dependent upon the size of the area being worked on and the type of removal techniques being used.


For the purposes of this guide, it has been assumed that the Artex is being removed from an easy to reach surface using standard access equipment. Any specialist access equipment such as fixed scaffolding will require additional costs to be considered.

Does removal of asbestos Artex require an HSE licensed contractor?

Although removing asbestos Artex does not require an HSE license it is still a legal requirement to ensure the asbestos removal is undertaken safely and in accordance with the regulations. In addition, the contractor must have sufficient insurance for your protection.

Using an HSE licensed contractor will give you peace of mind knowing that they have as a minimum the standards expected by the HSE to have gained their asbestos license. It is always the safer option to use a professional asbestos organisation licensed by the HSE, even where work on asbestos may not require a license.

Cost of removal of asbestos Artex (Textured Coatings) to plasterboard. These costs are based on the following assumptions:

  • The removal contractor is responsible for all set up costs.
  • There is good access to the area being worked on.
Asbestos Artex:
Textured Coating Removal:
Plasterboard Finish
Per M2:
Plaster Finish
Per M2:
Concrete Finish
Per M2:
Total Area –
10 to 20 square metres
£50 per m2£60 per m2£65 per m2
Total Area –
21 to 50 Square metres
£46 per m2£56 per m2£61 per m2
Total Area –
51 to 100 square metres
£42 per m2£52 per m2£57 per m2
Total Area –
100 to 200 square metres
£40 per m2£50 per m2£55 per m2
Total Area –
More than 200 square metres
£38 per m2£48 per m2£53 per m2

The key points of asbestos Artex removal

Here are all the basics you need to remember and consider when looking for costs if you have a project that will require asbestos Artex removal.

For asbestos Artex removal, you must have:

  • Confirmation of the asbestos Artex through sampling and analysis
  • Confirmation of the substrate to which the asbestos Artex is applied
  • (Recommended) A fully HSE licensed and insured asbestos removal contractor.
  • Good and safe access to the working area.
  • A fully segregated (in certain cases fully enclosed) working area.
  • Sufficient welfare facilities
  • Asbestos removal techniques in line with current legislation.
  • Full and appropriate disposal of asbestos waste.


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Disclaimer: Any prices outlined within these cost guides may vary from time to time dependant upon market fluctuations or project complexities. Always seek a specific price and quotation for your particular requirements. These costs are for guidance purposes only.

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