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Best practices for dealing with asbestos in the workplace

Learn what the best practices are for dealing with asbestos in the workplace, even decades after its UK ban. Understand the responsibility for asbestos management, steps for compliance, and when to consider removal. Ensure safety through a thorough asbestos management program.

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How Do I Know if my Building Contains RAAC and Asbestos?

Discover how to identify RAAC in your building and manage the associated risks. Learn about its historical use, factors affecting its presence, and the importance of professional assessment. Proactive inspection and expert guidance are crucial to safeguard against RAAC and asbestos risks.

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How long will asbestos be a problem in the UK?

This article explores the enduring problem of asbestos in the UK despite its ban in 1999. It discusses the historical use of asbestos, the challenges of managing it, the dangers during renovations, environmental contamination risks, and the long latency period of asbestos-related diseases. Find out about the need for an ongoing asbestos management effort to address this longstanding issue.

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If a building has RAAC, does it have asbestos?

Learn about the potential link between RAAC and asbestos in UK buildings constructed from the 1950s-1990s. Discover the risks, identification methods, and legal obligations. Prioritise professional assessment and risk management for the safety of occupants and compliance with regulations.

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Risks of using a non-UKAS accredited asbestos surveying company

Discover what the risks are of hiring a non-UKAS accredited asbestos surveying company. From compromised health and safety to inadequate training and invalidated reports, ensure quality and compliance by choosing a UKAS-accredited company. Learn why accreditation matters and how it protects you. Don’t compromise on asbestos management.

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