Fire and Flood – Dealing with Damaged Asbestos

Providing a full solution for devasting effects of fire and flood to asbestos within properties.

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Asbestos is challenging enough, but when damaged by fire and flood it is even more of a challenge. This is where Oracle Solutions years of experience dealing with fire and flood in asbestos gives you the ultimate solution to your asbestos safety problems. Oracle Solutions are engaged directly by many insurance and disaster consultants to deal with the devasting effects to asbestos by fire and flood on a weekly basis. If you have had a fire or flood in a property built before the year 2000, do not delay, call us now for expert advice and you will find our emergency response team will be happy to help immediately.

Why is asbestos more of a problem than usual when damaged by fire and flood?

Most of the time asbestos fibres are linked within a solid matrix, this is to prevent any fibres being airborne. Once the material is exposed to fire or flood it damages and deteriorates the solid matrix. This then causes the asbestos fibres to be released everywhere within the building and contaminates everything it touches.

How can Oracle Solutions help?

We will need to assess the level of risk and make the area safe for you and everyone being exposed. Our emergency response team will go to site to inspect the area, take samples to all areas effected and contain areas of concern in a safe manner. We will provide you with the best course of action to take, ensuring it is cost effective and a solution to rectify the problem. 

How quickly can Oracle Solutions deal with the situation?

As soon as we have received your initial call for help, we will organise an investigation and control risk usually within 2 hours, depending on the location. We offer the fastest response time in the industry. Once the areas are contained and we identify what the needs are, the HSE will require a 14 day Statutory Notification. Don’t worry, Oracle Solutions’ expert team of consultants are on hand for you and can talk to the HSE to apply for a waiver to the statutory 14 day notification. The results are we deal with the risk as quickly as possible for your safety and others.

Is working on fire and flood in asbestos different from usual?

Yes. Not only is the asbestos damaged to an extremely high risk, the building structure would also be at risk. With floor boards being damaged beyond repair, the roof caving in, we need to ensure and plan a way to carry out the works in the safest way possible. We have structural engineering consultants that we use and trust to enable us to provide you with the best possible solution. This is why insurance and disaster consultants use us, we have the right consultants, an expert team, undertake in depth planning and a HSE contractor, why wouldn’t we be your first port of call?

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