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Is There Asbestos on the London Underground?

Whenever there is talk of asbestos in London the London underground is always mentioned. Why is this? In this article we will look at the history of the London underground and why it has become so closely associated with asbestos. When and why was asbestos used in the...

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Asbestos in Schools: What You Need to Know

The subject of asbestos in schools is sadly not one that has ceased to be relevant, despite the importation, supply, and use of all types of this lethal material having been banned in the UK since 1999. This is because the material continues to exist in many school...

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Do I Need A Refresher Of My Asbestos Training?

A quick and easy article for those people who are wondering about refresher courses when it comes to asbestos training. For this article the asbestos training which I will refer to is: Cat A – Asbestos Awareness Training Cat B – Non-Licensed Asbestos Training Duty to...

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