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How many types of asbestos training are there?

Asbestos training is crucial for safety. Understand the types: Awareness, Non-licensable work, Licensable work, Duty to manage, Supervisory, and Industry-specific. Refresh regularly to stay informed. Certificates, while not legally required, showcase competence. UKATA offers high-quality training aligned with regulations. Develop proficiency over time through a combination of courses and on-the-job learning.

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Why should your asbestos duty to manage training be UKATA accredited?

Discover the significance of UKATA accreditation for asbestos duty to manage training. Uncover the role of dutyholders in compliance with CAR 2012 and the legal obligations. Explore the benefits of UKATA-accredited training, ensuring high-quality standards, legal compliance, and industry recognition. Don’t risk non-accredited providers; opt for peace of mind and safety with UKATA-accredited training.

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What is classed as non-licensed asbestos work in the UK?

Explore the world of non-licensed asbestos work in the UK. Learn about criteria, safety protocols, and examples of projects. Discover the training and certifications needed for non-licensed work, including risk assessments and control measures. Understand the importance of notification, medical surveillance, and reporting in ensuring legal compliance and worker safety.

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What is duty to manage asbestos training?

Learn about the importance of asbestos management in commercial properties. Discover the role of a dutyholder, their responsibilities, and the benefits of duty to manage asbestos training. Ensure legal compliance, protect health, and prevent risks associated with asbestos exposure.

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Can I install solar PV on asbestos roofing?

Considering installing solar PV on asbestos roofing? Learn about the risks, alternatives, and safe practices in our comprehensive guide. Be sure to follow safe working practises in order to keep yourself and those nearby safe.

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Does asbestos affect heat pump installation?

Discover the surging popularity of heat pumps as eco-friendly heating and cooling solutions. Uncover the potential asbestos risks during installation and the importance of asbestos awareness and management for safety and sustainability.

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Does asbestos affect solar panel installation?

Explore the benefits of solar panel installation and the potential asbestos risks associated with it. Learn how to manage asbestos in your property, conduct surveys, and ensure safe solar panel installation. Prioritize safety, compliance, and sustainability when considering solar panels for your building.

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Does asbestos affect EV charging point installation?

Discover the latest statistics on the UK’s transition to electric vehicles and the growing EV charging infrastructure. Learn about potential asbestos risks during installation and how to manage them. Prioritize safety and compliance for a sustainable EV charging point installation in older buildings.

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Who Is Responsible for Asbestos Management?

This article delves into the importance of asbestos management in buildings constructed before the UK’s asbestos ban in 1999. It outlines the roles and responsibilities of key parties, the legal framework, and the significance of having a comprehensive asbestos management plan to ensure workplace safety.

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Best practices for dealing with asbestos in the workplace

Learn what the best practices are for dealing with asbestos in the workplace, even decades after its UK ban. Understand the responsibility for asbestos management, steps for compliance, and when to consider removal. Ensure safety through a thorough asbestos management program.

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How Do I Know if my Building Contains RAAC and Asbestos?

Discover how to identify RAAC in your building and manage the associated risks. Learn about its historical use, factors affecting its presence, and the importance of professional assessment. Proactive inspection and expert guidance are crucial to safeguard against RAAC and asbestos risks.

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