Next time you are in London, you are going to want to see this!

Our London office is now up and running thanks to our very own Commercial Director, Rianne Scott. I must say when she showed me round the offices it took my breath away! I have never seen an office like it and could not believe it was ours, I’ve even put a request in to be transferred there!
As soon as I walked into our new offices I thought to myself “wow”. The Reception Area was incredible, everything in there was just perfect! The seating, lights, and seeing the big smiley face on the window even made me smile! It was so different to something I am used to; it was great!

Rianne then showed me the communal and break out areas and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It had arcades (yes, you read this correctly, arcades!) which I happily took full advantage of, able to sit in communal areas to chat with fellow colleagues and there was even enough space for me to sit on my own just to take it all in, the office has it all!

Next, Rianne showed me the offices we would be working in, there was so much space! Rianne has even organised our friendly staff ready to answer your calls (you may recognise one of them!) waiting to help you with any of your asbestos surveys, asbestos removal, or anything else asbestos related!
As we were walking around I came across the meeting rooms and it was brilliant! The meeting rooms are huge! Plenty of space to hold meetings for all clients and we can even provide Asbestos Awareness Training in this Central Office for ease. (And yes that is a giraffe’s head, please be aware no giraffes were harmed in the making of these meeting rooms!)
Before I knew it, it was lunch time where Rianne then showed me the canteen areas with sandwiches already made. I turned to her and said, “are you serious?!” What is this place! Not only does it have enough space to prepare food it can also be done for you and have the option to sit inside or even on the roof, all aspects are covered!
Once I finished pigging out, Rianne had another surprise for me. She knows how important working out is for me and took me to the gym (yes, gym!) and showed me the shower room. I was overwhelmed with what this office has to offer, it goes beyond my expectations and feel so lucky to be part of it!
Impressed? I was overwhelmed! I told you that you are going to want to see this, so next time you are in London please pop over and say hello it would be great to see you again!