Asbestos Contaminated Land Surveys

Land surveying, soil testing, analysis, remediation or disposal of contaminated C & D material

Asbestos Contaminated Land Surveys 1 ​Asbestos contaminated land is becoming more of a problem when developing on previous brownfield sites. You should also be aware that asbestos may be present on ‘greenfield’ sites where there may have previously been waste disposal activities. You many find asbestos broken up within the ground or buried in whole pieces.

Oracle work with many clients where we carry out asbestos contaminated land surveys and help put together the best plan of action to firstly identify the asbestos risk and then the best way to remediated or dispose.

How can we help you?

The first course of action for asbestos contaminated land is a desk top study survey, this will identify what previous buildings were located at the site, paying particular attention to what the building was used for, the construction of the building and the demolition dates. This will then assist with formulating a plan for further site investigations.

contaminated land survey photo 2 We carry out two types of site investigations for asbestos contaminated land – WAC Testing and asbestos in soils by our highly trained and experienced asbestos consultants.

Using a gridding system across the potentially asbestos contaminated land to ensure no part of the site is missed out. If deeper investigation is needed then we dig trenches, borehole or trial pits, it is known there is a higher likelihood of finding asbestos contamination at depth. Our samples are analysed at an UKAS accredited laboratory.

While carrying out the site investigations air monitoring can be carried out depending on the site condition, weather and exposure risk. The air monitoring and survey results will go towards formulating our recommendations to the site.

The complete solution

Oracle offer the complete solution. You get full expert consultancy providing you with the fastest best value solution. Easy to understand asbestos reports with appropriate recommendations and solutions to whatever is discovered. You get our team of fully HSE licensed asbestos remediation experts to carry out whatever remediation is required. We will even provide you with the required asbestos air monitoring as and when you need it.

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