Asbestos Contaminated Land / Soil Removal & Remediation

Providing asbestos contaminated land and soil removal & remediation services to businesses throughout the UK.

soil removalOracle Solutions Ltd are an HSE licenced asbestos contractor with over 12 years’ experience within the field. We have the expertise and experience to be able to remove several thousand tonnes of asbestos contaminated soil at complex and challenging sites to the minor litter picking removal in domestic gardens throughout the UK. .

You may need the asbestos contamination to be removed for safety, construction work or even for a land sale. Whatever the reason we have the full solution. Every asbestos type, every material type, footings, deep excavation, demolition, refill and much much more.

We provide the full team, machines, HGV’s and full disposal solutions.

How do you remove and dispose asbestos contaminated soil and waste?

land remediationOnce we have visited site and know your exact requirements, we provide you with a full and detailed breakdown of every ton of asbestos contaminated waste to be removed and disposed of.

For multiple tonnes of asbestos contaminated soil and waste removal the site set up will include a fully asbestos trained and contaminated land trained supervisor with asbestos decontamination facilities. In most cases we work with your site team to ensure everything that is happening is just how you need it.

The site set up includes demarcation of all areas to detail to you and our team the exact requirements of what needs to be removed and disposed of.

Oracle provide the relevant machines and trained drivers for moving asbestos contaminated soil / waste from the right areas to our purpose-built waste carrying HGV’s. The HGV’s are equipped with weight scales so you can monitor the weight of all waste as its taken from site and transported to a licensed asbestos waste disposal site.

Land Remediation 1Once on site we systematically work through everything that has been identified as asbestos contaminated and in need of removal. The asbestos trained site team ensure everything is carried out under suitably controlled conditions. We remove asbestos contaminated soil and waste to the depths that you require.

Once all asbestos contaminated soil and waste has been removed a full detailed check of the site is completed to ensure we have completed everything you need.

When do I get when asbestos contaminated soil and waste has been removed?

On completion you will be provided with a complete breakdown of every ton of asbestos soil and waste that has been removed. This completion report contains all of the certification you will need to show that the removal and disposal was completed in full accordance with current asbestos and waste regulations.

We are your experts in asbestos in soils and asbestos contaminated land. We will give you the right advice and provide you with legally compliant solutions no matter what your faced with. If you have land or soil which you believe has asbestos contamination, then call us now and we will guide you through every step.

Oracle is the complete solution

Oracle offer the complete solution. You get full expert consultancy providing you with the fastest best value solution. Easy to understand asbestos reports with appropriate recommendations and solutions to whatever is discovered. You get our team of fully HSE licensed asbestos remediation experts to carry out whatever remediation is required. We will even provide you with the required asbestos air monitoring as and when you need it.

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