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“Thanks for the fast turnaround for the Asbestos Investigation/Report from start to finish. Please thank Adam for the initial visit and test of the boiler. It’s good to know we can rely on the likes of yourselves when we need such urgent works to be carried out.”

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asbestos-survey-report-writing ​Once you have had your asbestos survey completed you will be expecting the results which will be presented to you in a thorough asbestos report.

There is clear guidance in current legislation which shows exactly what must be included within a survey report (HSG 264 Asbestos: The Survey Guide). We pride ourselves in ensuring that all of our asbestos survey reports contain everything you need to comply with the law and to help you with whatever your next step may be.

Frequently Asked Questions
Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about asbestos survey services. If you cannot find what you are looking for try our ‘about asbestos’ section of the website, or ‘contact us’ with your question and we will be happy to help.
What will be in your asbestos report?

Below you will find every section which will be included within your asbestos survey. Don’t worry if this feels complicated or you don’t understand. Whenever we send out an asbestos survey report we always talk you through the report so that we can answer any questions you may have.

What Sort of Information will the report contain?

Every survey report must contain as a minimum the following information:

  • General site and survey information
  • Bulk analysis report / table
  • Name and address of the laboratory
  • The laboratory United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) number
  • Dates bulk analysis was carried out
  • Names and signatures of analysts
  • Material assessments and required algorithm information
  • Survey company information
  • Surveyors information
  • Details of who commissioned the survey
  • The name and address of the premises surveyed
  • The date of the report
  • The date of the survey
  • The purpose, aims and objectives of the survey
  • A description of the areas included in the survey
  • The survey method used
  • Any variations or deviations from the method
  • Exclusions and inaccessible areas
  • Plans
The report will contain a Site Assessment, what is that?

We give every property surveyed an inclusive site assessment score. This is to give you an overview at a glance of the whole survey findings. The site assessment score will be based on the highest risk asbestos element which has been identified during the asbestos survey. The risk categories detailed within the table are part of the material assessment algorithm as detailed within current HSE surveying guidance. Materials with assessment scores of 10 or more are regarded as having a high potential to release fibres, if disturbed. Scores of between 7 and 9 are regarded as having a medium potential, and between 5 and 6 a low potential. Scores of 4 or less have a very low potential to release fibres. Non asbestos materials are not scored. The assessment score is coloured which is replicated throughout the report and register for ease of understanding and remains the same for specific item assessment as well as overall site assessment.

The report must contain Asbestos Material Assessments, what are they?
To better understand the site assessment the client needs to know how the assessment of individual asbestos containing materials is carried out. Within HSE guidance there is an algorithm which can be used to score each asbestos containing material identified during the survey. The table shows the scores for each element which is sampled and identified as containing asbestos. The table contains examples of scores which are added together to calculate a total score of between 2 and 12. This total score forms the material assessment score. There are obviously many asbestos containing materials which are not listed and this is then) left to the experience of the surveyor / consultant to determine which score category to assign.

The material assessment is worked out as follows:

Product Type + Damage Extent + Surface Treatment + Asbestos Type + = Material Assessment

The report must contain Asbestos Material Data Sheets, what are they?
Each survey report must contain specific information for each and every material that the surveyor suspected was asbestos during the survey. There must be separate data for every item suspected, confirmed or, and presumed to contain asbestos. The specific data must include client details, site details, survey date, building and specific location of the material in question. Additionally, there must be a description of the material, a measurement (or extent), a photograph must be included and the product material assessment must be detailed. Additional information is contained within a comments section. This will be any information which the surveyor collected on site and feels would be useful to you. Then there must be recommendations or next required steps. Recommendations give the minimum required actions to safely manage the material.
The report must contain any “No Access Areas or Restrictions”, what are they?
No access areas and restrictions can be one of the most important parts of a survey report. These tell you which areas have not been inspected and the reasons why. This is vital information for you as you must presume asbestos to be present in these areas until you can prove otherwise. No access areas are things like locked doors which you couldn’t open for us to inspect. Restrictions are generally things which would not be possible to inspect. For example live electrical installations. Your report must detail all of these types of areas.
Survey reports must contain Plans, what should I expect?
Each asbestos survey report must detail accurate plans of the areas inspected / included during the asbestos survey. The plans should contain the main features of each room, corridors, stairs etc. The plans should be marked with unique floor and room numbers to help identify individual locations. The plans should refer to and record the position of any asbestos materials and the location of any non -accessed areas. Both areas should be highlighted with unique colours and patterned hatching for ease of visually identifying asbestos risk areas. Plans are there for you to easily locate and better manage any identified asbestos materials.

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