Lead in Paint Testing

We provide lead in paint testing and removal services to commercial businesses throughout the UK.

Suspect lead in your property? Oracle have a team of highly skilled and qualified consultants who will assess and test for the presence of lean in any suspect paintwork for you.

Why do you need to identify lead in paint?

Lead in Paint Testing 1The control of lead at work regulations 2002 main objective is to avoid exposure to lead as it is known to be a potential health hazard leading to lead poisoning. Employers must ensure their workers aren’t exposure to lead. To do this you need to identify if lead is present which is found in older buildings.

Where can lead be found?

Lead can be found in many materials, please see a selection below:

  • Cast iron pipes, gaskets and connections
  • Flashing
  • Glazing
  • Paint and surface coatings
  • Lead glass and stained glass
  • Cable and wire casing
  • Decorative pieces

How can Oracle help?

Our highly trained consultants will come sample the lead in a safe manner which will then be analysed with quick turnaround. Alternatively a sample can be delivered to our offices in Kettering ready for analysis.

Still not sure, why not let us help you?

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