Asbestos Air Monitoring

Providing a full range of asbestos air monitoring and surveying services to businesses throughout the UK.

Oracle Solutions provide UKAS (4600) accredited asbestos air monitoring services to commercial business throughout the UK. Highly trained asbestos experts will take air samples for analysis in order to determine the level of asbestos present in any given location. Oracle will then be able to advise on your options and the best course of action needed. We will also be able to provide support through our complete range of asbestos services to ultimately safely remove the asbestos fibre material.

What is asbestos air monitoring?

In short asbestos air monitoring is the technical name for taking a sample of air in a chosen location to determine if the air is safe or contains asbestos fibres which could be inhaled and cause serious health effects.

Asbestos Air Monitoring 1How do we monitor asbestos in the air?

Highly trained and certified analysts come to the areas of your choosing. They use specialist equipment to take samples of the air which are then analysed using a microscope. Once analysed the analysts can determine the level of asbestos in air at any given location.

At Oracle we offer fully UKAS (4600) accredited asbestos air monitoring nationwide when you need it.

When would you need asbestos air monitoring?

There are a variety of reasons. In many cases this can just be peace of mind for you or others if you have an asbestos concern.

Asbestos Air Monitoring 2The main reasons for asbestos air testing are:

Asbestos Reassurance Air monitoring: As it would suggest this monitoring is to reassure you or others if you have reason to believe that there could be a risk from airborne asbestos fibre. This could be after accidental disturbance of asbestos, after an asbestos removal project or just in a location where asbestos is present.

Asbestos Background Air Testing: This would usually be undertaken during an activity in a location where there could be a risk of disturbing asbestos or asbestos is present.

Asbestos Leakage Air Testing: This air monitoring is carried out directly outside of an asbestos removal enclosure (link to asbestos removal) This ensures that the control measures in place are safe for those not directly involved in the work.

Asbestos Personal Testing: Usually referred to as Personal Sampling. This air testing is carried out on individual persons. It is used to monitor the personal air being breathed in during an activity which may involve asbestos. It can help to ensure any control measures in place are adequate.

Asbestos air monitoring and testing may be requested by organisations like yours for a range of reasons.

You may wish to provide reassurance that no users of your space have been placed at risk of coming into contact with asbestos, rule out the possibility of leaks during the asbestos removal process or certify clearance after asbestos has been removed.

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