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What is classed as non-licensed asbestos work in the UK?

Explore the world of non-licensed asbestos work in the UK. Learn about criteria, safety protocols, and examples of projects. Discover the training and certifications needed for non-licensed work, including risk assessments and control measures. Understand the importance of notification, medical surveillance, and reporting in ensuring legal compliance and worker safety.

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Asbestos removal in UK rental properties: landlord responsibilities

Discover the vital responsibilities of UK landlords regarding asbestos in rental properties. Understand the legal framework, tenant rights, and removal procedures. Learn about costs, insurance, recordkeeping, and penalties for noncompliance. Prioritize safety and compliance to protect tenants and avoid legal consequences.

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The Growing Problem of RAAC and Asbestos

In recent weeks, it has been difficult for almost anyone to avoid seeing news stories about reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete, or RAAC, and the scandal of the schools that have been forced to close due to intensifying concerns about the material. Find out about the relationship between RAAC and asbestos.

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Where can I find a list of asbestos licence holders in the UK?

Learn about asbestos licensing in the UK and why it’s crucial. Discover when a license is needed for asbestos work and how to identify licensed asbestos professionals. Find a list of licensed asbestos removal contractors and understand the benefits of hiring them. Prioritize safety and compliance.

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What Are the Legal Issues Around Removing Asbestos Yourself?

Discover the Legal Risks of DIY Asbestos Removal in the UK. Asbestos, still lurking in older buildings, poses severe health risks. Learn about asbestos types, regulations, and potential penalties for improper removal. Prioritize safety – consult professionals to avoid legal trouble

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