Which super power increased its asbestos use in 2011?

Latest figures released by the United States of America show asbestos use increased in 2011.

Asbestos was actually mined within the United States up until 2002. The United States now heavily depends on imports from Canada and Zimbabwe to meet manufacturing needs. Import Sources 2007–2010 show Canada provided 92%, Zimbabwe, 6%, and undisclosed at 2%.

U.S Asbestos Mine

The largest U.S mines were in Arizona, North Carolina, Vermont and California

Asbestos consumption in the United States was estimated to be 1,100 tons, based on asbestos imports through to July 2011. Asbestos cement roofing products were estimated to account for about 60% of U.S. consumption, the chloralkali industry (industrial process for the electrolysis of sodium chloride solution) about 35% and unknown applications 5%.

The use of asbestos in 2010 and the preceding 5 years was the lowest it has been in the United States since 1909. Although in 2011 U.S. consumption increased by 6%. Based on current trends, U.S. asbestos consumption is likely to remain near the 1,000-ton level in the near future. All the asbestos used in the United States is chrysotile (white) asbestos.

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