ATAC Release Asbestos In Schools Statement

Asbestos Testing And Consultancy AssociationATAC (Asbestos Testing And Consultancy Association) has issued a press statement following the release of the Asbestos In Schools Parliamentary Report. The statement reads:

We are in agreement with the statement that properly-managed asbestos presents little risk. However, we can provide literally hundreds of examples each year that we personally have first-hand knowledge of, where effective management controls have either broken down, or were not present at all. Regardless of any subsequent enforcement action, many of those failures in effective management will have resulted in an exposure that may cause an incurable cancer in those exposed, sometimes decades later..

Asbestos in schools

Asbestos in schools

The statement again reinforces the urgent need for the government to take action and deal with the current asbestos problem in British schools. ATAC have spear headed the ‘Asbestos In Schools Campaign’ for a number of years now and is part of the Asbestos in Schools Group (AiS). AiS is a group of organizations and individuals who are concerned about the problem of asbestos in schools. The aim is to make schools safe from the dangers of asbestos by improving asbestos management.

For further information on asbestos in schools call Oracle Solutions on 0844 800 0801. Alternatively you can contact any ATAC member. Member details can be found on the ATAC website