Case Study: Urgent Boiler Replacement Facilitated by Oracle to a Solihull School

How Oracle helped to facilitate the urgent boiler replacement for a school in Solihull.

The site:

A secondary school located in Solihull, West Midlands.

The challenge:

As the cold weather approaches, a secondary school in Solihull, West Midlands were in desperate need of a boiler replacement. As with any school holiday project, especially during a half-term holiday period, time was a crucial factor. 

Oracle needed to get the works completed allowing for the full boiler replacement to take place. 

What did we do:

As the asbestos was embedded in the paint itself, the area needed to be sandblasted (quilled). Oracle arrived on site and met the clients’ needs. Keeping them fully updated as the works progressed was the key to success on the project. 

The result:

Oracle needed to complete the works on time and on budget. Which, of course, Oracle was able to do.

Jon, from Higham roofing, said, “the main issues for us were that we needed to get the asbestos removed and the boiler works finished before the school came back from their break.

After a pre-start with the Oracle team, they came to the site and completed the works.

A great team effort by all involved”.