Asbestos Surveying, Removal & Air Testing Services in Leeds

Oracle Solutions carry out asbestos surveys, asbestos removal works and asbestos air testing in and around Leeds

With an office located in the heart of the Manchester, Oracle Solutions are perfectly placed to provide a full range of asbestos services to those requiring asbestos surveys, removals, air monitoring and asbestos training in the Manchester and Northwest region of the UK. We use local asbestos operatives who enable us to provide you with a fast and reliable service.

North West Regional Office:

Office Address: 20 Swan Street, City Centre, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M4 5JW

Telephone: 0844 245 1719

Leeds is known for having many commercial properties with asbestos fibre containing materials present in things you would not even consider. We have our very own UKAS accredited asbestos surveyors (UKAS accredited inspection body No. 4600) who travel across the region, taking care of all your asbestos survey needs. Not only do we have a Leeds based asbestos surveying team. We also have licensed asbestos removal experts to hand, plus an additional air testing analysts team, delivering to you all of your asbestos management services in the area.

Asbestos Survey, Removal & Air Testing Services in Leeds 1

Leeds based Asbestos Surveying Team Undertaking all your Asbestos Survey Needs

Oracle Solutions has the best team of well-trained asbestos surveyors, supplying you with all types of asbestos surveys in the Leeds area. Our asbestos surveys team work at all times of the day and any day of the week, in and around Leeds and the surrounding area of Yorkshire. Our surveying team can undertake any asbestos survey you require to deliver you the best results as quickly as possible. Once the survey has been completed, our highly skilled team will incorporate the asbestos surveying team’s information and will convert it into a simple and easy to understand report, giving you all the information you will require.

Providing Expert Asbestos Survey Knowledge

asbestos surveys in leeds We carry out asbestos surveys throughout the UK. We have a particularly well placed, experienced surveying team throughout Leeds who are able to cover the city and surrounding area of Yorkshire. Oracle has a wealth of experience in all sectors, from carrying out surveys at shops and retail units to complex power stations. Our asbestos surveyors are always working in or around Leeds, assisting with endless organisations and businesses. If you need an asbestos survey in leeds, then call Oracle Solutions today to see how we can help.

Asbestos HSE Licensed Removal

To support our customers, Oracle Solutions also have an HSE licensed asbestos removal team in Leeds, which allows us to deliver our asbestos management and removal services in and around the surrounding areas. Due to our central location, our asbestos removal team can be with you as quickly as possible no matter the time of day or day of the week. Oracle Solutions have all the certifications and licenses to carry out any removal and disposal at your site, giving you the comfort and reassurance that the works are being carried out within the present regulations set out by HSE.

Due to the wealth of experience covering all aspects of asbestos-related matters, Oracle Solutions are recognised for our “one-stop-shop” service for all your asbestos management and removal and disposal needs. We can provide you the most in-depth advice about asbestos removal and asbestos waste disposal in a professional, rapid and efficient manner to any buildings in and around the Leeds and Yorkshire area. We have an experienced customer service team who can expertly deal with any type of removal query and are always happy to help. At Oracle, we know that you will not find any other asbestos removal business that can provide what we deliver. If you looking for assistance and support at any of your asbestos removal projects then give us a call today.

We are constantly being asked to be involved in asbestos removal projects. We’ve also had the privilege of working at some of the most well-known buildings in Leeds, such as the Yorkshire Evening Post building and the Bookends. We have a portfolio of experience planning and undertaking removal works for commercial and industrial sites across the city in the past decade. Please have a look at what our customers have had to say about our company.

Air Testing for Asbestos in Leeds

Asbestos Survey, Removal & Air Testing Services in Leeds 2 It is always good practice to have an air test while undertaking an asbestos survey or asbestos removal. Oracle Solutions has a team of asbestos air monitoring analysts based in the city who can carry out this type of work for you.

Our team of experts in the asbestos air testing field, will give you the correct advice. If you need any help, then just pick up the phone and call us today. We will be more than happy to help.

We are known as a third emergency service, meaning we can be with you day or night, seven days a week, anywhere in or around Leeds. Oracle is perfectly positioned to give you all the help and support you require, as well as provide you with all the correct documentation for complete peace of mind.

Carrying out Asbestos Air Monitoring

Oracle Solutions asbestos air monitoring analysts are constantly analysing and testing air samples. It is something that can be done for an asbestos survey, an asbestos waste removal project, or to provide you with peace of mind if you feel you are within an asbestos risk at one of your premises. We know how busy Leeds can be, and because of this, we are the most knowledgeable on what it is you require and what type of air test you need for any of your sites. Oracle Solutions have been operating as a company for more than 10 years and can say that there are very few places that we have not been to carry out an asbestos air test throughout Leeds.

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