Asbestos Surveys, HSE Licensed Removal & Air Monitoring in Kent

Providing you with asbestos surveys, removal, and air monitoring in and around Kent

Asbestos is found in thousands upon thousands of buildings in and around Kent and south east England. With our expertise, we can help you by undertaking our UKAS accredited asbestos surveys (UKAS accredited inspection body No. 4600). We also provide a licensed asbestos removal service and provide reassurance with our accredited asbestos air monitoring service.

Asbestos Services in Kent 1

Provided Accredited Asbestos Surveys

We supply every asbestos survey type you need. We have a Kent based team of asbestos surveyors working tirelessly to carry out various types of surveys such as asbestos management surveys, refurbishment surveys, demolition surveys and asbestos re-inspection surveys.

Not only do we carry out all asbestos survey types, Oracle Solutions even provide you with a simplified accredited asbestos survey report, that identifies the location, the extent, and even the condition of the hazardous waste asbestos materials within your property.

We have logistically planned our team of UKAS accredited asbestos surveyors (UKAS accredited inspection body No. 4600) throughout the entire UK. Our Kent based team are perfectly situated, to enable us to carry out all asbestos surveys, every day of the week. Oracle Solutions have worked with numerous clients ranging from small retail shops to large corporations.

Not only have we worked for Kent’s diverse client base, we are proud to of been involved in some of the most complex sites varying from hospitals to railway stations. Our asbestos surveyors are undertaking asbestos surveys every day for a whole portfolio of Kent businesses and organisations. If you are in the county of Kent and require an asbestos survey, don’t delay call our team now.

HSE Licensed Asbestos Removal Services

Asbestos Services in Kent 2Our Health and Safety Executive (HSE) licensed asbestos removal team, are working every day removing and disposing of asbestos waste from all types of commercial buildings. Our workload within the county is so high, we have had to base a HSE licensed removal team, providing you with the best asbestos removal experts at all times. As an HSE licensed asbestos removal contractor we will reassure you that the work is being carried out safely and that it is legally compliant.

Oracle Solutions are the one stop shop and able to take care of all your asbestos removal and hazardous asbestos waste disposal needs. We provide high quality advice on asbestos removal in a quick, safe, and professional manner. We are renowned for our superb customer service and will guarantee, that you will not find any other asbestos removal company in the Kent area with our attention to detail. To get your fast and free asbestos removal quote, call us today.

Oracle Solutions have carried out endless asbestos removal projects throughout the Kent county. We have even provided asbestos removal for a number of Kent’s most significant buildings. These include Headley Brothers Printing and the Grain Power Station. We have supplied numerous asbestos removal work to over 1,000 commercial properties across the county in the last decade. Read what our customers had to say about our asbestos removal services.

Accredited Asbestos Air Monitoring Service in Kent

Asbestos Services in Kent 3As you are aware, we supply asbestos surveying and removal services. If you are likely to require asbestos surveys or asbestos removal, you are then going to need our asbestos air monitoring services.  Because of this, we already have a team based within the local area, seven days a week carrying out asbestos air monitoring throughout the county.

All of the air monitoring services are accredited so you can be reassured that no matter where you are, if you need asbestos air monitoring you will get a swift, expert and quality service.

Our asbestos air monitoring team can be with you at any site in 24 hours. Giving you the asbestos air monitoring service you need and exactly when you need it. With every air monitoring we provide, you will be given a full certificate of analysis with thorough results.

Oracle Solutions have been supplying asbestos air monitoring to several companies and organisations in Kent and the south east for many years. The air monitoring, we deliver can be for anything you can possibly think of, such as air monitoring whilst undertaking an asbestos survey and also air monitoring whilst delivering an asbestos removal. Oracle Solutions can even provide air monitoring to provide reassurance and peace of mind if our client thinks there is a potential asbestos risk. We understand that Kent is such an active area, we are extremely knowledgeable at undertaking air monitoring 24/7. We can confident enough to say that throughout the last decade, there really isn’t a lot of places where we haven’t provided quick and proficient asbestos air monitoring.

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