Gallery 8 – Asbestos Decorative Coatings

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Asbestos Decorative Coatings & Finishes

Location / Use: Decorative / flexible coatings on walls and ceilings.

Asbestos Content and Type / Date Last Used: 3-5% chrysotile (white) asbestos. Chrysotile (white) asbestos added up to 1984 but non-asbestos versions were available from the mid 1970s.

Ease of Fibre Release and Product Names: Generally asbestos fibres are well contained in the matrix but may well be released when old coating is sanded down or scraped off. ‘Artex’, ‘Wondertex’, ‘Suretex’, ‘Newtex’, ‘Pebblecoat’, ‘Marblecoat’.