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Gallery 3 – Asbestos Sprayed Insulation

Asbestos Sprayed Coatings

Location / Use: Thermal and anti condensation insulation on underside of roofs and sometimes sides of industrial buildings and warehouses. Acoustic insulation in theatres, halls etc. Fire protection on steel and reinforced concrete beams / columns and on underside of floors. Overspray of target areas is common.

Asbestos Content and Type / Date Last Used: Asbestos sprayed coatings usually 55%-85% asbestos with a Portland cement binder. Crocidolite (Blue) asbestos was the major type until 1962. Mixture of types including crocidolite until mid 1971. Asbestos spray applications were used up to 1974.

Ease of Fibre Release and Product Names: The surface hardness, texture and ease of fibre release will vary significantly depending on a number of factors. Asbestos sprays have a high potential for fibre release if unsealed, particularly if knocked or the surface is abraded or delaminates from the underlying surface. Dust released may then accumulate on false ceilings, wiring and ventilation systems. Asbestos sprayed coatings are commonly known as ‘Limpet’.